Software Developer—Backend

Job Description

We have a JavaScript-heavy tech stack with a Node API, react web client, and react native mobile apps. We’re looking for an intermediate to senior server-side developer with API development and relational database experience to help build and support new features while developing and implementing scalable practices.

While our backend is currently built in Node, we’re open to candidates with experience in other stacks, as long as you’re willing to dive into the code we’ve got.

This role comes with a large amount of technical responsibility—we’ll expect you to make and implement decisions about the back-end stack, including frameworks, libraries, tooling, and languages, and be able to back up your opinions. You’ll be working with designers and client-side developers to build new features and refine our user experience, and helping to develop requirements and build out the roadmap for our product.

We’d love to find a developer with experience or interest in cloud architecture to help maintain and scale our Google Cloud setup.

Work Environment

We’re dedicated to building a supportive and healthy work environment, and we won’t demand long hours or unreasonable deadlines. However, this is a startup, so you’ll be working with loosely defined requirements and less oversight in a high-trust, high-expectations environment.

Please email to apply.

Things you'll be doing

  • Designing and implementing database schemas to support new features
  • Developing our node REST API to support mobile and web clients
  • Ensuring user security and privacy through solid understanding of authentication, authorization, and encryption
  • Developing and deploying new APIs and services to support business operations
  • Maintaining and improving tooling
you are welcome here

Dot Health is committed to building a safe and diverse workplace culture that is representative of our audience.

We encourage applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, including aboriginal persons, francophones, persons with family care giving responsibilities, members of sexual minority groups, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and women to apply!