What can Dot Health do for you?

With Dot Health’s secure, easy-to-use platform, your hospital or clinic can seamlessly send electronic medical records in milliseconds. Reduce administrative burden and improve patient experience with our simple, convenient platform.

Simplify record transfers

Through our digital platform, transfer electronic medical records securely and efficiently. Say goodbye to records getting lost in the mail or ending up in the wrong hands.

A more efficient workflow

With Dot Health, you work with a single point of contact, making health data transfer incomparably efficient. Payment for record requests can all be made through the easy-to-use payment app. Sharing patients’ records has never been this simple.

Elevate patient encounters

When patients have access to their own information, they are more knowledgeable about their own health, ask better questions, and report higher satisfaction with their health care experience. Dot Health helps maximize patient encounters and elevate the patient experience.

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