What can Dot Health do for you?

With Dot Health providing a secure, easy-to-use medium between doctors and patients, your hospital or clinic can seamlessly send and receive electronic health records. Reduce redundant visits, increase operational efficiency and improve patient experience all with our simple, convenient platform.

Free, easy transfers

Through our digital platform, Dot Health eliminates the need to send faxes and postal mail around the province. Instead, you can direct records for all patients to one place - and say goodbye to records getting lost in the mail or ending up in the wrong hands.

A more efficient workflow

With Dot Health, healthcare institutions work with only one point of contact, making health data transfer incomparably efficient. All of your patients’ data is stored on our secure platform, and payment for record requests can all be made through the easy-to-use payment app. Sharing patients’ records has never been this simple.

Reduce redundant visits

Lost lab reports, referrals and prescriptions add up to redundant visits to the doctor, and lost time and money providing repeat services. With Dot Health, a patient’s information is secure and always accessible, meaning their healthcare data can’t get lost or misplaced. Save your physicians time and your hospital or clinic money by reducing redundancy.

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