What can Dot Health do for you?

Dot Health aggregates individuals’ personal health information from all of their health care providers in real time. When all of a person’s health information is in one place, risk assessments and adjustments are more efficient, cost effective, and convenient, and client relationships are easier to build and maintain. With Dot Health, you can securely access clients’ data to design better insurance policies, faster.

Validated, real-time data

Through Dot Health, you can assess new clients quickly and easily, receiving secure access to information like blood work, chronic conditions, and more. With access to a validated set of real-time data united in a single view, you can quickly model events as you would in person, such as utilization of health care services. This enables you to offer clients personalized policies based on their Dot Health profile.

Reduced overhead

Access to a digital, comprehensive record of your clients reduces the need for in-person assessments, and continuous updates keep you connected over time. Health insurance companies can stay relevant and proactive, personalizing policies according to each unique customer’s needs.

Personalized communication

Know your customers - and how their personal health changes over time. With Dot Health’s validated data set, you can personalize your communication for each and every client, enabling richer interactions and a more meaningful customer experience.

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