What can Dot Health do for you?

With access to a comprehensive, digital patient profile, pharmacists can provide higher-quality service. Increase customer retention and satisfaction with tailored recommendations, and grow your offering through a richer understanding of your patrons.

Elevate pharmacist interactions

Pharmacists will be able to provide tailored recommendations and advice based on their comprehensive, real-time Dot Health profile. With a greater understanding of each unique customer, pharmacists are equipped to provide recommendations and engage with customers in a meaningful way.

Attract new customers

Customers will want to come to a pharmacy where they experience a personalized shopping and prescription refill experience - exactly what you’ll be able to offer with Dot Health. Through our value-added product, your pharmacy will be able to deliver on exceptional service and patient care, every time.

Increase value to existing customers

With Dot Health, your customers have access to their pharmacy data in real time, and you’ll see anonymized population health data to help you understand your customers. This empowers you to provide a more personalized shopping experience, tailored recommendations, and more.

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