What can Dot Health do for you?

Patients increasingly want a personalized experience with their health care provider. When a patient shares their Dot Health profile with you, you can tailor interventions based on a comprehensive, real-time profile. Our digital services also means referrals and prescriptions won’t get lost or misplaced. We also help you save time sending records with our seamless digital platform: securely request send records quickly.

Improve clinical interventions

When a physician has access to their patients’ medical history, they have more time to interact one to one and can provide more personalized, engaged care. With Dot Health, you don’t have to spend precious minutes in an appointment asking about medical history - they can share it with you before an appointment. Provide patient-centric care with a comprehensive view of their overall health.

Save more time

With Dot Health’s seamless integration, you won’t have to spend time pulling together patient records and faxing or mailing it to them. Instead, patients can access all of their information from our secure digital platform, so you can rest assured patients are getting the right care - and you’re not working overtime to provide it.

Make your patients happy

Patients obtain their own records hassle-free, and are able to view, share, and download their records on a platform that’s always accessible. Plus, you will be able to provide tailored service your patients - meaning interventions will be more applicable, patients will experience a higher quality of care, and you’ll keep patients healthy and happy.

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