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What does it take to build the future of healthcare?

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Our mission

Connect the world’s healthcare information

When patients have insights into their health, they can make more informed decisions which leads to better health outcomes.

Our founding story

Huda Idrees, Founder & CEO of Dot Health, was facing a challenge.

“When I first stumbled onto this concept of Dot Health I was building it for one person. It was my friend’s dad.

He had been diagnosed with late-stage cancer and was having trouble trying to keep up with everything the doctors were throwing at him. He was going through chemotherapy, and had no way for him to track whether it was working or not.

And so, using a very bare-bones version of Dot Health, I showed him a trend line visualizing his cancer-marker progress week over week. He then wanted to share the graph we built for him with his doctor. 

I imagined that healthcare systems would have this already – a way for patients and doctors to be able to see the same thing. Lo and behold, that’s not true at all. If patients are lucky they get a printout, or if the patient is super motivated to go to another doctor for a second opinion, then they need to go down to some basement and ask for their own health records, stand in line, fill out a form, and then they get it in the mail three weeks later. It’s a very paper-based process that’s quite manual and quite difficult to access.”

So Dot Health was born, because we believe there’s a better way: one that empowers patients with the necessary information to make the best decisions they can about their health.

Meet the team

It takes a village to bring this vision to life

We're working torwards

Connecting the world's health information

Our top priorities
Empowering the patient
Make health data easy to access and understand
Build the company we always wanted to work for
We're working torwards

Making health data useful and easy to understand

Our top priorities
Make every patient feel smart
Keep health data private and secure
Allow patients to engage with their health
We're working torwards

Delivering an exceptional user experience

Our top priorities
Provide a seamless experience in obtaining medical records
Provide the best real-time support to our users
Dissecting records making them easier to understand
We're working torwards

Connecting a complex healthcare system

Our top priorities
Build direct connections with siloed healthcare providers
Integrate value added services within Dot
Build first of its kind alliances in Canadian Healthcare
Our values

The things we believe in

Make others successful
Assume the person you’re talking to is as smart, or smarter than you
Create value for communities
Prioritize people, then product, then profits
Dot Health HQ

We’re proud to call Toronto home

We get to build the future of healthcare in a beautiful, plant-filled office in the Distillery District of Toronto.

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Build the future of healthcare with us

Our timelines for hiring have been extended given recent world events.
We will do our best to get back to applicants within a reasonable timeframe.

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Sales and partnerships
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No open positions right now.  Follow @dothealthhq for posting updates!