Pricing that works for you

Simple and flexible

You only pay for Dot Health when you request your health records. No subscriptions. No commitment.

Pay as you go


per request

Get your health records from all of your health care providers, including but not limited to your clinic, hospital, pharmacy, optometrist, or dentist.

With each request, you:

Get your health records up to 2 years back from 1 provider

Have your labs digitized & visualized

Skip the traditional hassle

Get your health records faster and 20% cheaper than getting them on your own

Everything else is free


Your health information is more than just your health records. Document your own health experience, talk to experts and do much more at no cost.

Connect with Maple

Simply connect your Maple account for easy access to your virtual care records

Add your allergies

Keep an up-to-date log of all your allergies that you can access right from your phone

Add a visit

Take notes anytime you meet with your healthcare providers for future reference