Introducing Dot Connect

Health record transactions have evolved. Let us take you there

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A complete health data platform

Dot Connect is a platform built for Canada's health care providers

Your brand, our product

Optionally white labelled mobile app to consolidate care offerings

An integrated experience

Integrated experiences across electronic medical platforms

Modular consent

Deploy and manage consent across patient interfaces

Out in the wild

A mobile experience for one of Canada’s largest pharmacy providers

Digital-first approach

Digital access to prescription records for consumers

Consent management

We compare your photo ID and selfie to make sure you’re you

Real-time engagement

Ensure only you can unlock your own health information

Out in the wild

Fast, simple access for

Digitally request, receive, and transfer health records
In-app consent management
Real-time patient engagement
Industry recognition

There’s a better way to experience health, and people are talking about it.  

Out in the wild

An enterprise level solution with a personal touch

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