How it works

Dot Health makes it simple and secure to get all your personal health data in one place.


1. create a profile

Create a Dot Health profile in minutes. All you need is an email address and a password to get started. From there, we'll walk you through some other details we need, like date of birth, health insurance plan number(s), and identification paperwork. 

Dot Health uses bank-level security to encrypt, store, and transfer all your information. Your data is safe with us.

2. healthcare provider info

Once you've setup your initial Dot Health profile, tell us which hospitals, clinics, labs, or other health institutions you've been to. We believe wellness is a large part of your overall health, so you can authenticate your personal activity wearables, too. 

Our system will walk you through any required forms you have to sign (electronically, of course. No paper here!) to ensure we have your permission to retrieve the necessary health information.



3. you're all set!

That's pretty much it. Dot Health now works in the background to retrieve, collect, and collate all your data for you to access on web or mobile. We keep these records up-to-date from here on out and provide you with insights into your own health.

Search your health history with natural-language queries like, "When did I last get my tetanus shot?", share your health information with your circle of care, and take your latest lab work and imaging with you to the next doctor's visit.

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We take security very seriously and make sure your healthcare data is always secure.


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