A complete health data platform

Your vital personal health information exists and Dot Health puts it in one place

Request, collect and manage your vital health information, all in one place. Then let the data follow you. 

The problem

Gathering your health info is taxing and time consuming

Rosetta downloads Dot & requests her records

Request your records from the app and sit back while we do the heavy lifting. Wherever you are, you’re only one tap away from the full picture of your health.

Rosetta adds her own health information

Easily reference your vital information. Record your immunizations, doctor visits, symptoms, allergies prescriptions, and family history in app.

Rosetta is on track to having all her health info

We’re on a mission to empower and educate patients. Understand your labs and reports with Dot’s in app health glossary and visualizations.  

Sadiq makes a trip to visit his doctor

Health administration offices only work weekdays from 9-5. That’s time away from your schedule and responsibilities. 

Sadiq pays $35 - $300 to request his records

It’s a very manual process that requires your physical presence (and patience) at your provider’s office.  Record fetching and scanning, on average, costs between $35-300.

Sadiq waits 3-5 weeks

Not to mention, the time you’ll invest in multiple follow up phone calls and emails.

Sadiq picks up his health records

You’ll have to make another visit to pick them up. Now you have paper copies of records that are packed with medical jargon.

Sadiq doesn’t fully understand his health records

You’ll have to physically sift through the pages to find the results and consultations you’re looking for between obscure notes.

Our solution

Your essential health care information in one place

Gathering data

Track the things
that matter to you

On the move
Get your health records

Request, receive and manage your health data digitally

When you visit your health provider
Add a visit

Take notes when you meet with your providers for future reference

Stay up to date
Dot down the details

Track your vaccinations, list your allergies, and log your family history 

Visualizing data

Make better decisions about your care when you understand your data

Sameer V. uses Dot to understand his Dad’s cholestrol

Sameer Vasta
Employee experience lead
Ontario Digital Service
Finding your data

Find what you need when you need it

Fast search

Look up what you need and we'll pull up the relevant information

Robust sorting

Your medical data converted into easy to understand visuals 

Filter your data

Instantly bring up data according to date, provider and type 

Sarah uses Dot Health to find the personal health info she’s looking for

Sarah Burke Dimitrova
Lead for Quality Standards
Health Quality Ontario
Security & Privacy

Sensitive information, airtight protection

AES 256-bit encryption

Bank-level protection so your data is always protected

Learn more about security
ID & email verification

We compare valid photo ID to your selfie to make sure you’re you

Fingerprint login

Only you have secure and convenient access to your health information

Ash Anwar believes you can make better choices when you have your health data

Ash Anwar
Director of Data Science
Molecular You
Privacy-first by design

We follow strict protocols that ensure your confidential and personal information is securely transferred and stored

You own your data

Only you have access to your data. Our encryption prevents all unauthorized access. 

You give explicit consent

We'll only initiate data retrieval once you sign the consent form when making a request.

You can delete your account

Walk away anytime. Your data will immediately be destroyed and erased from our system.

Canadian security and privacy standards

Compliant with all applicable provincial and federal privacy laws, including:


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


Personal Information Protection Act for Alberta & BC


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act


Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information

Industry recognition

There’s a better way to experience health, and people are talking about it.  


When her pain persisted so did Tendisai Cromwell

For months, Tendisai Cromwell lived with inexplicable pain. At the grocery store, throughout her work day, as she cared for her infant daughter — the pain was her companion.

Read Tendisai’s story
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