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A simple and secure way to access all your personal health records wherever life takes you.

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We believe your health belongs in your hands

Dot Health allows you to own and control your health data. We believe you should be an active participant in your health, so we collect it all for you. That way it’s all together, at your fingertips.

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All of your health records in one place

Simply tell us which healthcare providers you’ve visited, and we’ll gather your health data from there. We display everything for you in one place, so you can access your health information whenever and wherever you are.
up to date

No hassle, continuous updates to your records

We not only retrieve all of your data, but we also continuously update it when you go back to your health provider.
have full control

Securely share your records with your doctor, family, or anyone else

Share your blood work with your specialist, or your ultrasound with your family. The transfer is done securely so your sensitive data doesn’t accidentally end up in the wrong hands.
Security is our top priority

Encrypted, stored and transferred with bank-level security

We know your health information is sensitive and private in nature. Because of this, we use state of the art, bank-level security to handle everything.

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We're in your corner

More time for life

No more faxes and line ups. We take care of all of the tedious parts of gathering your data.

You own everything

This is your health data and you should own it, not your healthcare providers and certainly not us.

Complete freedom

We’re here to help you, not keep you hostage. If Dot Health is no longer valuable to you, cancel any time.

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You should be able to access all your health information at any time. Now you can.

Download our app to see and manage your health records wherever you need them.
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what people are saying

"I just re-logged back into Dot Health after a long while, and WOW. It’s amazing! Kudos to the whole team for making this an incredible app and a huge asset to healthcare."

Sameer Vasta
Lead, Employee Experience, Ontario Digital Service at the Government of Ontario

"Having access to my records means I know exactly what I should be asking, and how my doctors are communicating."

Anna Foat
Director, Global Digital Transformation Office, Sun Life Financial
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